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Roller Blinds

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Roller Blinds
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  • WAREMA roller blinds provide uncomplicated, easy to operate technology and a wide range of fabrics. Besides plain coloured materials in many colours, there are also materials with patterns and motifs to choose from, as well as exclusive textured materials. The roller blinds can be mounted on practically any window, whether skylight, studio window or with an unusual shape.
  • WAREMA’s conservatory roller blinds are specially designed for all types of glass building. They are available in transparent or black out quality. State of the art technology and special materials ensure perfect sun protection on vertical, inclined and horizontal window areas. Electric drive is available as standard with conservatory roller blinds, allowing intelligent control systems to be used. The counter pull system ensures optimal tensioning of the fabric, and positioning the blind in relation to the window prevents soiling, for example on rolling up because of insects.
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